Sundarban Bonomalipur Community Development and Research Centre is a non-government, non-political, non-profitable, secular, voluntary organizaation that dedicates itself for the social welfare and economic empowerment of the poor, oppressed, and marginalized sections (especialy women, children, disable person and land less labourers) of the Rural West Bengal. SBCDRC has made deep channels into the socio economic life of the vulnerable, trying to build social pillar under the fast emerging global economy. It has been adopting vrious need based and right based interventions to address the existing problems and sufferings of the common rural Indians.
SBCDRC believes in combining efforts of various stakeholders operating from uneven platforms but with a common goal of providing solace to the souls who are cornered in the process of development. Efforts are aimed at inducing confidence and building capacities among the community members, which will enable them to face the vicissitudes of life with greater ease.
Achieving sustainable development of the poor and neglected by undertaking various socially relevant programs happens to be the central goal of the outfit. Participatory approach in implementation and democratic approach in monitoring has been the thrust area of SBCDRC’s multi-pronged social activities.
Since its inception, SBCDRC has been pursuing the principle of passing the baton of development to the weaker and under-privileged sections of society by empowering them through the weapons of information on thematic issues like micro-finance, health, education, livelihood, environment etc. Thus, our wide encompassing social ambidexterity has helped us to win many friends, philosophers and guides during the course of the long journey.
Looking Into Back
As a rule, grassroots NGOs are started by active, charismatic people who are determined to solve a particular problem. The year 1998 saw the coming together of a group of such kind of educated young people led by Abhijit Das, having a passion to serve the people in need, joined hands. The passion took its concrete shape in form of a people’s organization called SBCDRC in 1999. Accessing health services to the economically weaker people through ambulance, supplementing their livelihood through providing vans and providing quality primary education to their children-being their noble tri-wishes/ dreams, they started their journey step by step.
With such concerns as guiding force, they started with organizing Self Help Group of women, setting up a co-operative bank to enable the organization to come out with adequate financial support to the groups as well as individual poor people and entering into some community development activities. Over the few years, realizing that focusing SHG alone is not enough to achieve the desired goal of social change, SBCDRC broadened its activities in the fields of education, health, sanitation, nutrition, awareness, income generation, and youth welfare. Today the efforts of SBCDRC have been backed and supplemented by relationships and partnerships (contributors, donors, from the community, governments, agencies abroad, other organizations as well as PRIs.)


Abhijit Das

Legal Documents

  • Registered Under Society Registration Act 1961.
  • FCRA Regt.
  • IT Act 80G. And 12 AA.